aka Sigurd

During World 1 Game 1, this hero was named Siegfried.

A Hero from Norse mythology, Sigurðr (Sigurd) is also occasionally referred to as Sigruþr (Siegfried). He slew Fafnir, who had transformed himself into a dragon, and bathed in his blood, becoming invulnerable, except for a spot on his back where a leaf had become stuck to his skin.

He married Brynhildr (Brünnhilde), who some legends identify as a fallen Valkyrie and others as a relative of Atli (Atilla the Hun), and was later drugged into forgetting her and marrying another woman. Brynhildr then plots, sucessfully, to kill him, his new wife, and his son Sigmund.

Card VersionsEdit

Card Number Rarity
2005 Super Rare
4003 Uncommon

Initial StatsEdit

Attack N/A ? N/A 430
Intelligence N/A ? N/A 13.00
Defense (Infantry) N/A ? N/A 504
Defense (Spearman) N/A ? N/A 231
Defense (Archer) N/A ? N/A 798
Defense (Calvary) N/A ? N/A 420
Moving Speed N/A 14.00 N/A 14.00

Stat GrowthEdit

Attack ? 25.85 ?
Defense (Infantry) ? 30.456 ?
Defense (Spearman) ? 14.006 ?
Defense (Calvary) ? 25.38 ?
Defense (Archer) ? 48.222 ?
Intelligence ? 0.0112 ?
Moving Speed ? 0.156 ?
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