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List of Skills added when merging cards

Note on adding Skills: The order of skills are based on the ATK, DEF, INT points distributed to the base card.

Note on adding the Hidden Skill: The Hidden skill will only appear when the Base Card already has one of the 3 initial skills. The skills will move up filling the gap, thus unlocking the hidden 4th skill.

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Merge Skill Skill points in Atk Skill points in Def Skill points in Int Hidden Skill
Atk Skills
Swordsmen Attack Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Speed Atk:Swordsmen Charge
Swordsmen Charge Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Swordsmen Defense Def:Swordsmen Dash Atk:Swordsmen Strike
Swordsmen Strike  Atk:Swordsmen Charge Def:Swordsmen Guard  Def:Cropping Science  Atk:Swordsmen Bombard 
Swordsmen Bombard Atk:Swordsmen Blitz Def:Swordsmen Armor Def:Infantry Drilling Atk:Swordsmen Assault
Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Attack Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Charge
Archer Attack Atk:Archer Attack Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Speed Atk:Archer Charge
Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Attack Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Charge
Spearmen Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Dash Atk:Archer Strike
Cavalry Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Strike
Spearmen Strike Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Spearmen Guard Def:Claymaking Science Atk:Spearmen Bombard
Archer Strike Atk:Archer Charge Def:Archer Guard Def:Lumbering Science Atk:Archer Bombard
Cavalry Strike Atk:Cavalry Charge Def:Cavalry Guard Def:Iron-making Science Atk:Cavalry Bombard
Spearmen Bombard Atk:Spearmen Blitz Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Spearmen Assault
Archer Bombard Atk:Archer Blitz Def:Archer Armor Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Archer Assault
Cavalry Bombard Atk:Cavalry Blitz Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Cavalry Assault
Siege Attack Def:Siege Training Def:Siege Defense Atk:Siege Speed Atk:Siege Charge
Siege Charge Atk:Barbarian's Speed Def:Siege Defense Atk:Art of the Assassin Atk:Siege Strike
Siege Strike  Atk:Siege Charge Atk:Hero's Call  Def:Iron-making Science  Atk:Siege Bombard 
Siege Bombard        
Swordsmen Speed        
Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Archer Speed Atk:Archer Speed Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Siege Speed Atk:Siege Speed Def:Cropping Skills Def:Siege Training Atk:Siege Dash
Swordsmen Dash Atk:Swordsmen Dash Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Attack Atk:Hero's call
Spearmen Dash Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Defense Def:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Dash Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Def:Lord of Fortitude
Cavalry Dash Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:General's Courage
Siege Dash Atk:Siege Dash Def:Cropping Science Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Speed of Barbarian
Swordsmen Blitz Atk:Swordsmen Charge Atk:Swordsmen Guard Def:Cropping Skills Atk:Swordsmen Strike
Swordsmen Assault Atk:Swordsmen Blitz Def:Infantry Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Spearmen Blitz Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Blitz Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Archer Strike
Cavalry Blitz Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Cavalry Strike
Spearmen Assault Atk:Spearmen Blitz Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Archer Assault Atk:Archer Blitz Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Cavalry Assault Atk:Cavalry Blitz Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Spear of the Gods Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:Lord of Defense Atk:Army of God Atk:Superior Strategy
Heaven's Arrow Atk:Archer Assault Atk:Chivalric Prowess Def:Prosperous Nation Def:Tree of Life
King of Kings Atk:Cavalry Assault Def:Wall Reinforcment Def:Bountiful Nation Atk:Divine Courage
Guardian's Glory Def:Spearmen Training Def:Metal Production Def:Invincible Cavalry Atk:Spearmen Bombard
God of War        
Chivalric Prowess Atk:Cavalry Strike Def:Invincible Cavalry Atk:Lord's Call Atk:Divine Courage
General's Courage Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:General's Wall Def:Metal Production Atk:King of War
Strength Atk:Swordsmen Charge Atk:Barbarian's Speed Atk:Spearmen Dash Atk:Hero's Call
Divine Courage Atk:General's Courage Def:General's Wall Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Chivalric Prowess
Speed of Lightning Atk:Siege Dash Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cropping Science Atk:Speed of the Gods
Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage Atk:Hero's Call Def:Nature Production Def:Peaceful Rest
Army of God Atk:General's Courage Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Divine Courage
Hero's Call Atk:Cavalry Charge Def:Cavalry Guard Atk:Spirit of Strategy Atk:Lord's Call
Lord's Call Atk:Strength Def:General's Wall Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Siege Bombard
Spirit of Strategy Def:Lumbering Science Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Swordsmen Assault Def:Guardian's Shield
Art of the Assassin Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Barbarian's Speed Def:Infantry Training Atk:Siege Charge
Hero's Command Def:Spearmen Drilling Def:Art of Building Def:Nature Production Def:Siege Army
Patriot's Valor Atk:Spearmen Bombard Atk:General's Courage Atk:Siege Bombard Atk:Superior Strategy
Superior Strategy Atk:Siege Bombard Def:Lord of Fortitude Atk:Lord's Call Def:Tree of Life
Benevolent Ruler Atk:Siege Bombard Def:Invincible Spearmen Def:Nature's Blessing Atk:Hero's Command
Speedy Rescue Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Archer Dash Def:Swordsmen Dash Def:Infantry Drilling
Expeditious Rescue Atk:Invading Attack Atk:Siege Dash Atk:Hero's Call Def:Blessed of Metals
King of War Atk:Cavalry Assault Def:Invincible Cavalry Def:Cavalry Drilling

Def:Prosperous Nation

Invading Blitz Atk:Speed of the Gods Def:General's Wall Def:Lord of Fortitude Def:Siege Army
DEF Skills
Swordsmen Defense        
Swordsmen Guard        
Swordsmen Armor        
Invincible Infantry Def:Swordsman Armor Def:Infantry Drilling  Def: Swordsman Dash  
Spearmen Defense Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Spearmen Guard
Archer Defense Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Archer Speed Def:Archer Guard
Cavalry Defense Def:Iron-making Skills Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Cavalry Guard
Spearmen Guard Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Armor
Archer Guard Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Armor
Cavalry Guard Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Armor
Spearmen Armor        
Archer Armor Def:Archer Guard Atk:Archer Charge Atk:Archer Dash Def:Invincible Archer
Cavalry Armor        
Invincible Spearmen Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Lord of Fortitude
Invincible Archer        
Invincible Cavalry Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Lord of Fortitude
Siege Defense        
Lord of Fortitude Atk:Siege Strike Def:Invincible Infantry Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Lord of Defense
Lord of Defense Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Archer Armor Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Art of Building
Bow of Preservation Def:Art of Building Atk:Archer Assault Atk:Spirit of Strategy Atk:Divine Courage
General's Wall Def:Spearmen Guard Atk:Strength Def:Cavalry Guard Def:Guardian's Shield
Guardian's Shield Def:General's Wall Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Archer Armor Def:Lord of Defense
Infantry Training Def:Infantry Training Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Infantry Drilling
Spearmen Training Def:Spearmen Training Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Attack Def:Spearmen Drilling
Archer Training Def:Archer Training Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Def:Archer Drilling
Cavalry Training Def:Cavalry Training Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Def:Cavalry Drilling
Siege Training Def:Siege Training Def:Siege Defense Atk:Siege Attack Def:Siege Drilling
Infantry Drilling Def:Infantry Drilling Def:Swordsmen Armor Atk:Swordsmen Charge Def:Nature's Blessing
Spearmen Drilling Atk:Strength Def:Spearmen Armor Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Blessed of Metals
Archer Drilling Atk:Strength Def:Archer Armor Atk:Archer Charge Def:Nature's Blessing
Cavalry Drilling        
Siege Drilling Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Strength Atk:Siege Charge Def:Blessed of Metals
Defiant Army Def:Spearmen Drilling Def:Guardian's Shield Def:Siege Army Def:Tree of Life
Siege Army Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Hero's Call Def:Defiant Army Def:Tree of Life
Spearmen Boost Def:Market Knowledge Atk:General's Courage Def:Spearmen Boost Def:Defiant Army
Archer Boost        
Cavalry Boost Def:Blessed of Metals Atk:Invading Blitz Def:Cavalry Boost Atk:Army of God
Lumbering Skills Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Infantry Training Def:Lumbering Science
Iron-making Skills Def:Iron-making Skills Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Archer Training Def:Iron-making Science
Claymaking Skills Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Archer Speed Def:Spearmen Training Def:Claymaking Science
Cropping Skills Def:Cropping Skills Atk:Swordsmen Speed Def:Cavalry Training Def:Cropping Science
Lumbering Science Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Infantry Training Def:Nature Production
Iron-making Science        
Claymaking Science Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Archer Dash  Atk:Spearmen Training Def:Metal Production 
Cropping Science        
Nature Production Def:Lumbering Science Atk:Cropping Science Def:Spearmen Dash Def:Nature's Blessing
Metal Production Def:Claymaking Science Atk:Iron-making Science Def:Cavalry Dash Def:Blessed of Metals
Nature's Blessing Def:Nature Production Atk:Hero's Call Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:Prosperous Nation
Blessed of Metals        
Prosperous Nation Atk:Spearmen Bombard Def:Invincible Spearmen Def:Peaceful Rest Def:Bountiful Nation
Bountiful Nation Atk:Archer Bombard Def:Invincible Archer Def:Art of Construction Def:Prosperous Nation
Peaceful Rest Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Lord's Call Def:Lord of Fortitude
Light of Healing Atk:Archer Strike Atk:Swordsmen Bombard Def:Archer Drilling Def:Bow of Preservation
Tree of Life        
"For Victory!" Atk:Cavalry Bombard Def:Invincible Archer Def:Tree of Life Def:Defiant Army
Wall Reinforcment Def:Archer Guard Atk:Archer Charge Atk:Archer Dash Def:Invincible Archer
Market Knowledge Def:Nature Production Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Strength Def:Lord of Fortitude
Market Prosperity Def:"For Victory!" Def:Prosperous Nation Def:Bountiful Nation Def:Bow of Preservation
Art of Construction Atk:Spirit of Strategy Def:Cavalry Drilling Def:Iron-making Science Def:Art of Building
Art of Building Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Siege Strike Def:Art of Construction Def:"For Victory!"
Maiden's Blessing Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Chivalric Prowess Def:Guardian's Shield

Atk:Speed of the Gods

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