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Skill Level Up Merge

When improving a skill you need two of the exact same hero card (which can improve any skill on the base card, regardless of whether the materiel card has the skill or not), or a card with the skill you want to improve at the exact same level.

Up to 5 additional cards can be used to increase the odds of success. The improvement is based on both the rarity of the added materiel card and the level of the skill being leveled.

Additional Materiel Card

Current Skill Level
Rarity 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Common 1.0 0.9 0.72 0.5 0.3 0.15 0.08
Uncommon 5.0 4.5 4.32 2.52 1.51 0.76 0.38
Rare 80.0 72.0 57.6 40.32 24.19 12.1 6.05
Super Rare 100 100 100 100 60.48 30.24 15.12
Ultra Rare 100 100 100 100 90.72 45.36 22.68

All tests were done with 0 level add on cards. Your chance for success improves with cards that have levels. For example, the level 6 skill with a UR card addon is 45.36, but if the UR add on card is level 242 the chance to merge increases to 57.25.

Learn Skill Merge

The order of skills are based on the ATK, DEF, INT points distributed to the base card.

The Hidden skill will only appear when the Base Card already has one of the 3 initial skills. The skills will move up filling the gap, thus unlocking the hidden 4th skill.

Merge Skill Skill points in Atk Skill points in Def Skill points in Int Hidden Skill
Atk Skills
Swordsmen Attack Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Speed Atk:Swordsmen Charge
Swordsmen Charge Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Swordsmen Defense Def:Swordsmen Dash Atk:Swordsmen Strike
Swordsmen Strike  Atk:Swordsmen Charge Def:Swordsmen Guard  Def:Cropping Science  Atk:Swordsmen Bombard 
Swordsmen Bombard Atk:Swordsmen Blitz Def:Swordsmen Armor Def:Infantry Drilling Atk:Swordsmen Assault
Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Attack Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Charge
Archer Attack Atk:Archer Attack Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Speed Atk:Archer Charge
Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Attack Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Charge
Spearmen Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Dash Atk:Archer Strike
Cavalry Charge Atk:Art of the Assassin Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Strike
Spearmen Strike Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Spearmen Guard Def:Claymaking Science Atk:Spearmen Bombard
Archer Strike Atk:Archer Charge Def:Archer Guard Def:Lumbering Science Atk:Archer Bombard
Cavalry Strike Atk:Cavalry Charge Def:Cavalry Guard Def:Iron-making Science Atk:Cavalry Bombard
Spearmen Bombard Atk:Spearmen Blitz Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Spearmen Assault
Archer Bombard Atk:Archer Blitz Def:Archer Armor Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Archer Assault
Cavalry Bombard Atk:Cavalry Blitz Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Cavalry Assault
Siege Attack Def:Siege Training Def:Siege Defense Atk:Siege Speed Atk:Siege Charge
Siege Charge Atk:Barbarian's Speed Def:Siege Defense Atk:Art of the Assassin Atk:Siege Strike
Siege Strike  Atk:Siege Charge Atk:Hero's Call  Def:Iron-making Science  Atk:Siege Bombard 
Siege Bombard        
Swordsmen Speed        
Spearmen Speed Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Archer Speed Atk:Archer Speed Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Cavalry Speed Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Speed of the Gods
Siege Speed Atk:Siege Speed Def:Cropping Skills Def:Siege Training Atk:Siege Dash
Swordsmen Dash Atk:Swordsmen Dash Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Attack Atk:Hero's call
Spearmen Dash Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Defense Def:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Dash Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Def:Lord of Fortitude
Cavalry Dash Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:General's Courage
Siege Dash Atk:Siege Dash Def:Cropping Science Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Speed of Barbarian
Swordsmen Blitz Atk:Swordsmen Charge Atk:Swordsmen Guard Def:Cropping Skills Atk:Swordsmen Strike
Swordsmen Assault Atk:Swordsmen Blitz Def:Infantry Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Spearmen Blitz Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Spearmen Strike
Archer Blitz Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Archer Strike
Cavalry Blitz Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Guard Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Cavalry Strike
Spearmen Assault Atk:Spearmen Blitz Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Archer Assault Atk:Archer Blitz Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Cavalry Assault Atk:Cavalry Blitz Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage
Spear of the Gods Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:Lord of Defense Atk:Army of God Atk:Superior Strategy
Heaven's Arrow Atk:Archer Assault Atk:Chivalric Prowess Def:Prosperous Nation Def:Tree of Life
King of Kings Atk:Cavalry Assault Def:Wall Reinforcment Def:Bountiful Nation Atk:Divine Courage
Guardian's Glory Def:Spearmen Training Def:Metal Production Def:Invincible Cavalry Atk:Spearmen Bombard
God of War        
Chivalric Prowess Atk:Cavalry Strike Def:Invincible Cavalry Atk:Lord's Call Atk:Divine Courage
General's Courage Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:General's Wall Def:Metal Production Atk:King of War
Strength Atk:Swordsmen Charge Atk:Barbarian's Speed Atk:Spearmen Dash Atk:Hero's Call
Divine Courage Atk:General's Courage Def:General's Wall Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Chivalric Prowess
Speed of Lightning Atk:Siege Dash Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cropping Science Atk:Speed of the Gods
Speed of the Gods Atk:General's Courage Atk:Hero's Call Def:Nature Production Def:Peaceful Rest
Army of God Atk:General's Courage Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Divine Courage
Hero's Call Atk:Cavalry Charge Def:Cavalry Guard Atk:Spirit of Strategy Atk:Lord's Call
Lord's Call Atk:Strength Def:General's Wall Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Siege Bombard
Spirit of Strategy Def:Lumbering Science Def:Archer Drilling Atk:Swordsmen Assault Def:Guardian's Shield
Art of the Assassin Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Barbarian's Speed Def:Infantry Training Atk:Siege Charge
Hero's Command Def:Spearmen Drilling Def:Art of Building Def:Nature Production Def:Siege Army
Patriot's Valor Atk:Spearmen Bombard Atk:General's Courage Atk:Siege Bombard Atk:Superior Strategy
Superior Strategy Atk:Siege Bombard Def:Lord of Fortitude Atk:Lord's Call Def:Tree of Life
Benevolent Ruler Atk:Siege Bombard Def:Invincible Spearmen Def:Nature's Blessing Atk:Hero's Command
Speedy Rescue Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Archer Dash Def:Swordsmen Dash Def:Infantry Drilling
Expeditious Rescue Atk:Invading Attack Atk:Siege Dash Atk:Hero's Call Def:Blessed of Metals
King of War Atk:Cavalry Assault Def:Invincible Cavalry Def:Cavalry Drilling

Def:Prosperous Nation

Invading Blitz Atk:Speed of the Gods Def:General's Wall Def:Lord of Fortitude Def:Siege Army
DEF Skills
Swordsmen Defense        
Swordsmen Guard        
Swordsmen Armor        
Invincible Infantry Def:Swordsman Armor Def:Infantry Drilling  Def: Swordsman Dash  
Spearmen Defense Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Spearmen Guard
Archer Defense Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Archer Speed Def:Archer Guard
Cavalry Defense Def:Iron-making Skills Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Cavalry Guard
Spearmen Guard Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Spearmen Attack Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Spearmen Armor
Archer Guard Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Atk:Archer Dash Def:Archer Armor
Cavalry Guard Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Cavalry Armor
Spearmen Armor        
Archer Armor Def:Archer Guard Atk:Archer Charge Atk:Archer Dash Def:Invincible Archer
Cavalry Armor Def:Cavalry Guard  Atk:Cavalry Dash  Def:Invincible Cavalry Atk:Cavalry Charge
Invincible Spearmen Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Lord of Fortitude
Invincible Archer        
Invincible Cavalry Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Cavalry Drilling Atk:Cavalry Dash Def:Lord of Fortitude
Siege Defense        
Lord of Fortitude Atk:Siege Strike Def:Invincible Infantry Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Lord of Defense
Lord of Defense Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Archer Armor Def:Cavalry Armor Def:Art of Building
Bow of Preservation Def:Art of Building Atk:Archer Assault Atk:Spirit of Strategy Atk:Divine Courage
General's Wall Def:Spearmen Guard Atk:Strength Def:Cavalry Guard Def:Guardian's Shield
Guardian's Shield Def:General's Wall Def:Spearmen Armor Def:Archer Armor Def:Lord of Defense
Infantry Training Def:Infantry Training Def:Swordsmen Defense Atk:Swordsmen Attack Def:Infantry Drilling
Spearmen Training Def:Spearmen Training Def:Spearmen Defense Atk:Spearmen Attack Def:Spearmen Drilling
Archer Training Def:Archer Training Def:Archer Defense Atk:Archer Attack Def:Archer Drilling
Cavalry Training Def:Cavalry Training Def:Cavalry Defense Atk:Cavalry Attack Def:Cavalry Drilling
Siege Training Def:Siege Training Def:Siege Defense Atk:Siege Attack Def:Siege Drilling
Infantry Drilling Def:Infantry Drilling Def:Swordsmen Armor Atk:Swordsmen Charge Def:Nature's Blessing
Spearmen Drilling Atk:Strength Def:Spearmen Armor Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Blessed of Metals
Archer Drilling Atk:Strength Def:Archer Armor Atk:Archer Charge Def:Nature's Blessing
Cavalry Drilling        
Siege Drilling Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Strength Atk:Siege Charge Def:Blessed of Metals
Defiant Army Def:Spearmen Drilling Def:Guardian's Shield Def:Siege Army Def:Tree of Life
Siege Army Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Hero's Call Def:Defiant Army Def:Tree of Life
Spearmen Boost Def:Market Knowledge Atk:General's Courage Def:Spearmen Boost Def:Defiant Army
Archer Boost        
Cavalry Boost Def:Blessed of Metals Atk:Invading Blitz Def:Cavalry Boost Atk:Army of God
Lumbering Skills Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Spearmen Speed Def:Infantry Training Def:Lumbering Science
Iron-making Skills Def:Iron-making Skills Atk:Cavalry Speed Def:Archer Training Def:Iron-making Science
Claymaking Skills Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Archer Speed Def:Spearmen Training Def:Claymaking Science
Cropping Skills Def:Cropping Skills Atk:Swordsmen Speed Def:Cavalry Training Def:Cropping Science
Lumbering Science Def:Lumbering Skills Atk:Spearmen Dash Def:Infantry Training Def:Nature Production
Iron-making Science        
Claymaking Science Def:Claymaking Skills Atk:Archer Dash  Atk:Spearmen Training Def:Metal Production 
Cropping Science        
Nature Production Def:Lumbering Science Atk:Cropping Science Def:Spearmen Dash Def:Nature's Blessing
Metal Production Def:Claymaking Science Atk:Iron-making Science Def:Cavalry Dash Def:Blessed of Metals
Nature's Blessing Def:Nature Production Atk:Hero's Call Atk:Spearmen Assault Def:Prosperous Nation
Blessed of Metals        
Prosperous Nation Atk:Spearmen Bombard Def:Invincible Spearmen Def:Peaceful Rest Def:Bountiful Nation
Bountiful Nation Atk:Archer Bombard Def:Invincible Archer Def:Art of Construction Def:Prosperous Nation
Peaceful Rest Atk:Spearmen Charge Def:Spearmen Drilling Atk:Lord's Call Def:Lord of Fortitude
Light of Healing Atk:Archer Strike Atk:Swordsmen Bombard Def:Archer Drilling Def:Bow of Preservation
Tree of Life        
"For Victory!" Atk:Cavalry Bombard Def:Invincible Archer Def:Tree of Life Def:Defiant Army
Wall Reinforcment Def:Archer Guard Atk:Archer Charge Atk:Archer Dash Def:Invincible Archer
Market Knowledge Def:Nature Production Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Strength Def:Lord of Fortitude
Market Prosperity Def:"For Victory!" Def:Prosperous Nation Def:Bountiful Nation Def:Bow of Preservation
Art of Construction Atk:Spirit of Strategy Def:Cavalry Drilling Def:Iron-making Science Def:Art of Building
Art of Building Def:Siege Drilling Atk:Siege Strike Def:Art of Construction Def:"For Victory!"
Maiden's Blessing Atk:Speed of Lightning Atk:Chivalric Prowess Def:Guardian's Shield

Atk:Speed of the Gods