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Initial StatsEdit

Attack 110
Defense (Infantry) 95
Defense (Spearman) 48
Defense (Calvary) 48
Defense (Archer) 48
Intelligence 9.00
Moving Speed 8.0

Stat GrowthEdit

Attack 10.34
Defense (Infantry) 8.93
Defense (Spearman) 4.512
Defense (Calvary) 4.512
Defense (Archer) 4.512
Intelligence 0.0144
Moving Speed 0.096

Extra InfoEdit

Basic InformationEdit

Hero Aischylos
Rarity Uncommon
Deck Capacity 1.5
Initial Skill Lumbering Science Lv 1

Lottery locations and base levelsEdit

Lottery Type LV
Hero Lottery 0

Skill Merge ResultsEdit

Skill on Base Card Resulting Skill Odds at LV and Score 0
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