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Αἰσχύλος (Aeschylos), along with Sophocles and Euripides, is one of the earliest Greek tragedians whose work survived into the modern era. He is often concidered the 'father of tragedy.'

The inscription on his gravestone reads :

Αἰσχύλον Εὐφορίωνος Ἀθηναῖον τόδε κεύθει
μνῆμα καταφθίμενον πυροφόροιο Γέλας·
ἀλκὴν δ' εὐδόκιμον Μαραθώνιον ἄλσος ἂν εἴποι
καὶ βαθυχαιτήεις Μῆδος ἐπιστάμενος
(Beneath this stone lies Aeschylus, son of Euphorion, the Athenian,
who perished in the wheat-bearing land of Gela;
of his noble prowess the grove of Marathon can speak,
and the long-haired Persian knows it well)

Card VersionsEdit

Card Number Rarity
5006 Common
4009 Uncommon

Initial StatsEdit

Attack 95 110
Intelligence 7.00 9.00
Defense (Infantry) 90 95
Defense (Spearman) 45 48
Defense (Archer) 45 48
Defense (Calvery) 45 48
Moving Speed 8.0 8.0

Stat GrowthEdit

Attack 8.93 10.34
Defense (Infantry) 8.46 8.93
Defense (Spearman) 4.23 4.512
Defense (Calvary) 4.23 4.512
Defense (Archer) 4.23 4.512
Intelligence 0.0112 0.0144
Moving Speed 0.096 0.096
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